Why men cheat on beautiful women


Men can disappoint you. In fact, I should say with considered authority that they will disappoint you. These streets are littered with evidence of some of the finest of women reeling from disappointment occasioned by these male beings. Not that they have any sensible justification, in fact, to a large extent they have no idea what they are doing but for the fact that they extracted some momentary pleasure in the pseudo-engagement. They will swear in the name of their mothers that it has nothing to do with love. Actually, maybe they are really capable of loving one woman even as they repeatedly lose focus and chase side chicks. Those chicks can have such a wide range of attributes one is left wondering if men know anything about consistency.

With money, women have been able to deliver the right accentuations in the right places that would please and keep a man. We have gone over and above board to procure Botox and cosmetic surgery procedures simply to glue down a man and shut down the roving eyes from seeing anything else but us. Sadly, the success rate is dismal with some of the most beautiful women ending up disappointed even after they adjusted their lips to match Jay Lo’s because they found in the Google search history images of Jennifer Lopez's lips on their laptops.

Away from her success as an artist, Kim Kardashian is arguably in the league of best-molded females for a man’s appeal. Just enough flesh in the right places, yet her ex-boyfriend, Ray J, admitted to cheating – on her birthday.

Kim is one of the most adorable females with a huge profile of success to back up her beauty. Talk of beauty with money! What more do men want? Elizabeth Hurley, an English model found herself attached to one of the most infamous sex scandals of the 1990s because her boyfriend was caught cheating on her with a prostitute in 1995. The reason I am highlighting this is to bring out the aspect that the fling was a prostitute, something the man possibly knew about. What do men want?



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