Is mind-blowing sex, possible after cheating?


When a man strays majority of women will fight, move out or on, and generally get heartbroken. To add to the frustration and pain many women vow not to let the cheating man touch them ever. 

Mary (not her real name) a divorced mother of two, cannot hide scars on her body after she confronted her husband after she found out he was cheating.

“It was a peaceful Sunday after, we were relaxing when my husband walked in with another lady, they walked straight to the bedroom and all I could hear was them laughing,” she said.

She added that it has been 3 years since the incident, but her husband always begged for forgiveness.

“He calls me begging for forgiveness, calling me sweet names but I will never allow him again in my life, at times he requests that we should meet but I know what he wants and I will never have sex with him again (najua chenye anataka na siwezi mpea tena),” she said.
She noted that she would never commit to another relationship after her first marriage did not work.
“I was very faithful, but my husband betrayed me, I cannot go back to him I might be exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, (siwezi mrudia ataniletea maugonjwa),” she said.  

Women are denying their partner's conjugal rights

A recent survey shows Nyeri has been ranked among the top four leading counties in which women are denying their partners conjugal rights after they are caught with their pants down.

A recent report from Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) 2022 shows that Machakos is the leading county at 93.5 percent followed by Kisumu County at 92.0 percent, Trans Nzoia follows at 91.3 percent Nyeri County at fourth position at 90.7 percent.

Many partners who find out their partners are cheating are afraid of contracting HIV/AIDS disease and other sexually transmitted infections.
According to the Kenya Population and Housing Census 2014, Nyeri had a total of 399,337 never-married people 245,301 monogamous adults, and 7,998 polygamous families, since then there have been 4,647 divorce cases and 9,532 are separated.

Nyeri has a couple of tertiary institutions and dating apps have become a common norm, with most married men (wababaz) in pursuit of love luring young and energetic girls into extramarital relationships.

Malaika (not her real name) narrates how she fell in love with a 56-year-old man on a dating app. She ended up ruining his marriage after the man was caught red-handed with her in a lodging.

“I was in my second year at Dedan Kimathi University when my friends introduced me to one of the dating sites and by good luck I met this older man who was so charming, he hit on me and insisted we should meet,” she said.

She added that after their first date in one of the famous hotel hotels, one date turned into many others, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

“We met a couple of times, we kissed each time we met and I fell in love with him and when we got into a serious relationship he never mentioned he was married for a period of two years,” she said.

Tears welling in her eyes, she narrates the painful experience after they were caught in the act in one of the prestigious lodgings in Nyeri town by his wife.

“I wished the earth could open up and swallow me, we were having our good time but all of sudden the door swung open all I heard was “Kumbe wewe ndo umekuwa ukiharibu ndoa yangu, leo utanijua, hutaniharibia boma tena, baki na huyo msichana usiwai kuja kwangu tena nitakuua (So you are the one who has been ruining my marriage today I will teach you a lesson, if I ever catch you again I will kill you,)” she explained.

For one wife who only insisted on being called Mama Priscah she confessed she has never had any intimacy with her husband for a period of 3 years after she caught him cheating in 2020 despite living in the same house.

“I always knew he was cheating on me, the moment I caught him niliamua sitawai mpea tena juu sitaki maugonjwa,” she said.


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