Why you always end up with a bad boy

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Hi Chris,

Somehow I always seem to end up with the bad guys! My friends seem to have nice boyfriends, so what am I doing wrong?

Good Guys

Hi Good Guys!

Everybody meets bad boys, including your friends. They are just discarding them far faster than you! So do the same.

If he seems flakey, he is flakey. Is he always checking out other women? He is not going to be faithful. Is he sweet-talking you the moment you met? He just loves a conquest, and will never really be yours.

Listen for a history of failed relationships. And if you have hardly known him for a week and he is already hard to find, he is probably always going to be like that. When a man is truly into you, he will always be there. If he is not, he is not worth the effort.

Watch his priorities. If they are all wrong, you will forever be fighting over what matters in life.

Dump any guy you catch lying. You have not met any of his friends? That is because most of them are women. And he never introduces you to his male friends because he is afraid they’ll rat on him.

Is he weird when you call? He is probably with another girl. Endlessly messaging when you are together? That is probably her chasing him.

He never really listens to what you say. Always seems to be angry, and blames you for everything? Puts you down or calls you names? Drinks way too heavily? Uses drugs? Cheats on you? Violent?

Only interested in you for food or sex? Speaks badly of other women in his life? Checks up on you far too often? Does not like you being with your friends or family? Accuses you of cheating on him?

Worst of all, is he married? He will make you feel you are the most beautiful woman in the world. You will believe everything he says, imagine a future together, and more than likely fall completely in love. But he will never leave his wife.

So stay sharp, move on at the first sign of trouble, and your life will be full of good guys.

All the best,



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